Current Events



Pastor Chris Davis of the Gallup Church of the Nazarene / Compassionate Ministry has led a number of outreaches into the Zuni  community 30 miles south of Gallup.  The Zuni people have been very welcoming and relationships are beginning to be built.  Sacks of 'Blue Bird' flour have been passed out as gifts of goodwill and kindness.



Here is an update in the very cold weather here in Gallup.

I went to the grocery store just awhile go. While I was there a Navajo man approached me in the store, and said,

"You knew my son TJ, and I am his father. I would like to tell you he passed away two days ago.

TJ was walking home to the Res and he almost made it home! TJ was found alongside the road, and had frozen to death. TJ had been drinking. The father said most people lay down in a curl up position to stay warm, but they found TJ laying on his back and his arms stretched out and a big smile on his face. It was like he was looking up at Jesus and reaching to Him and smiling."

This really HIT today. TJ was here the week before in church, and did some odd jobs after church. I asked Jesus, What Am I doing? What am I not doing? I know I have to hit the streets hard with sack lunch's n prayer with the new van. What a difference you all will also make in this.....

blessings, chris


Gallup Church of the Nazarene's very first newsletter! Great things are happening! 

Pastor Chris putting the "new" church van to good use. She picked up the homeless and brought them to worship at Gallup Church of the Nazarene. Afterwards, a few of the men helping make sandwiches to feed the people. 


Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. Hebrews 10:24


GALLUP CHURCH VAN UPGRADE                                                                      July 14, 2016

Pictured are Board of Trustees member, Dave O'Bannon and Director, Paul McGrady picking up the new, pre-owned van for Gallup First Church of the Nazarene. In June, we discovered that the existing church van was on its "last leg". Through the Bethany First Church of the Nazarene Native American Partnership and generous hearts, we were able to raise the money for this gift! This van will aide Pastor Chris Davis as she ministers to the those on the streets of Gallup, NM. Please pray for the ministry team as they deliver the van. The McGrady Foundation would, also, like to thank Danny Thomason for his fundraising efforts!