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  • A Welcome from MF Director, Paul McGrady

    Hello to all:

    The metaphor of life as likened to a 'journey' is certainly true. But I find it at times to be likened to a 'jigsaw puzzle'. We know what we want to accomplish. It is getting all the pieces to fit together at the right place and the right time. Maybe it is not an accident that you are on the McGrady Foundation website. Maybe you can help us get the pieces to fit together.

    God made all things beautiful but there are other forces at work in the world. There is poverty, neglect, hunger, addiction, despair and abuse. We simply desire to lift, to encourage and to help. In 2007, I began to become more intentional about mission and purpose. I found myself in different places doing different types of compassionate ministry.

    This summer our family took on a project together. We provided firewood to homes and churches within the Navajo Nation in northeast Arizona. Many still heat their buildings solely with firewood out there. And wood in not always abundant. There is literally small mountains of cut wood for 10% of the regular price of a cord of firewood. The problem is it is 285 miles away in southwest Colorado. We rented a UHaul truck, stacked and stacked and stacked firewood, then delivered to our friends in hope of blessing our brothers and sisters.

    That is just one small example. Communication surely can and will solve many problems. Maybe you know someone.  Maybe you could say a prayer for us. Maybe we could join together and make a difference. Maybe you can help us with the puzzle.


    Motivated to do more for God,

    Paul McGrady
    MF Director