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  •                                                        ENTHUSIASM!


    The purpose of the McGrady Foundation is to continue the legacy of Paul McGrady Sr. to future generations.  Here are some of Paul's sermon notes on 'How to Get Enthusiasm?"

    1. Believe in it

    2. Start!

    3. Stay with it

    4. Put Life in it

    5.  Utilize Time

    6.  Encourage, Be Cheerful, Be Happy

    7.  Tithe 

    8.  Keep things in Gear after revival

    POST SCRIPT: Paul McGrady Sr. was a man of pure passion.  He was naturally enthused. The Spirit of God resided in him.  It was a special gift and he nurtured it to the utmost.  He was focused on others.People were naturally drawn to him.  He was specially endowed with charisma.