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  • Church Reaches Out with Food Pantry Ministry

    A few months ago, we felt impressed to help support churches who are reaching out to their community through food pantry ministry. After some months of prayer and pursuing this idea, we were able to come along side Pastor Herman Nells and Ramah Nazarene's existing food pantry ministry.

    "I want to thank you and your church for the donations that you have given to our church.  We appreciate you coming along side us in serving our community with our food pantry ministry.  It was wonderful to see the smiles upon the faces of the families that we delivered food to.  

    I wish you could have seen the encouragement that this grieving family expressed when our church delivered a box of food to them.  One of our homebound grandma's that has walked with the Lord for over 45 years had this smile knowing that we serve a great big God.   We laughed when a little boy took out a can of coffee out of the box and said "grandma, I can drink some of your coffee again".  Having visited these various homes and delivering food, my last visit was wonderful to remind the couple that God invites us to approach his throne of grace with confidence.  The husband who is not a believer allowed me to pray with him as his surgery date was getting closer.  The Lord uses our food pantry ministry to reach those who don't attend our fellowship and encourages our faithful people as well.  
    Thank you for your donations that has eternal values and the children supplies that will be distributed soon during our VBS."  
    Pastor Herman Nells
    Ramah Navajo Church of the Nazarene