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  • It's Notes Like This


    "I cannot begin to tell you the great amount of encouragement that I received when I opened your letter and received your check. With all my heart, I declare and affirm that the amount on the check could have been for 1 million dollars, and  it could not have meant more or thrilled me more than did the $100.00 check you sent! It was pure joy and exhilaration as I opened and read your note. It was also yet another confirmation from God that I am in the center of HIS will! I want to occupy no other place than the center of HIS will. I want to do HIS will more than I want anything this world has to offer. 

    To date, never once have I felt that God would release me from this church. I love the people with all my heart,. Not only do I have a special love and compassion for the people of my church, but the people in the community are great as well.. However, sometimes I have thought that God just might have made HIS first mistake when GOD sent me to Uvalde. LOL. (Forgive the text lingo). I have to admit that not once in the time I have served God in Uvalde has God even slightly allowed me to believe that I can leave Uvalde with HIS blessing. God is moving in Uvalde, and in the Church of the Nazarene. I am blessed, and certainly glad I have stayed where God desires that I be.

    Again, I want to thank the entire Athletic Department and SNU. Your encouragement and kind words were very timely.

    Blessings and joy,
    Althea Williams"


    We received the above message from Pastor Williams of Uvalde Church of the Nazarene this weekend. It's notes like this that make our job worthwhile.

    Have a blessed week!