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  • Stepping Into The New Year

    Hello Everyone!

    The year 2015 has greeted us all and time continues to march on!  This is a good season to look forward with anticipation for accomplishments and effectiveness in coming days. Our foundation is officially eight months old now.  We have been involved in more concentrated mission work since 2007 but officially were granted nonprofit status in May of 2014.

    Our main goal sounds simple but I believe it is very important.  We want to move forward with prayerful compassionate ministry as led by the whisper and direction of the Holy Spirit. I know that sounds pretty spiritual and somewhat mystical but I do believe it is a practical and worthy goal.  Our desire is point others to the person of Jesus Christ through word and deed as we work toward our mission objectives through encouragement and providing hope.

     I have read recently in my devotions about the seven spirits of God.  This phrase is found in John's vision in chapter five of the Revelation.  It refers to a statement in the Old Testament book of Isaiah concerning the coming Messiah.

     "The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon him - the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and power, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord....."

     The Seven Spirits of God
    1. Spirit of the Lord
    2. Spirit of Wisdom
    3. Spirit of Understanding
    4. Spirit of Counsel
    5. Spirit of Power
    6. Spirit of Knowledge
    7. Fear of the Lord

     I am asking for increasing amounts of these aspects of God's Spirit in my life.  I know that these attributes can help me be the man I need to be under God.  Although I fall short of these great attributes, I continue to ask God for them in increasing measure.

     We continue to help and encourage ministries all across our country and even globally.  We want to continue to be generous and giving and trust that the Lord will provide seed to increase.

     In recent days, we have gifted a fine young Christian man and his family who are being a light for Christ on the reservation.  We have provided funds for a pastor in a small church on the Texas border where God is keeping the doors open for an important ministry.  We are encouraging a mission work in Wyoming for some faithful folks who have given twenty years in ministry.  We leave for Arizona soon to work on a potential outreach to spread the gospel through food distribution.

    Please keep the McGrady Foundation in your prayers.  If we can ever be of help to you or if you have input for us please don't hesitate to contact me

    May God's Spirit fill us with wisdom and strength in all of our endeavors in 2015!

    Paul McGrady
    MF Director