•                                                        ENTHUSIASM!


    The purpose of the McGrady Foundation is to continue the legacy of Paul McGrady Sr. to future generations.  Here are some of Paul's sermon notes on 'How to Get Enthusiasm?"

    1. Believe in it

    2. Start!

    3. Stay with it

    4. Put Life in it

    5.  Utilize Time

    6.  Encourage, Be Cheerful, Be Happy

    7.  Tithe 

    8.  Keep things in Gear after revival

    POST SCRIPT: Paul McGrady Sr. was a man of pure passion.  He was naturally enthused. The Spirit of God resided in him.  It was a special gift and he nurtured it to the utmost.  He was focused on others.People were naturally drawn to him.  He was specially endowed with charisma.

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    SPRING 2017


    Recently, I was able to share some special time with an old friend over dinner.  It is a friendship that is so valued and it was a blessing just to grab a few minutes of uninterrupted time and share fellowship.  As he was describing a young man who had many gifts and desiring to minister to others, he uttered these words, "But, right now he is not humbled, surrendered and broken".  He said the three words in a trilogy like they all fit together not unlike Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.  These words rang in my head and in my heart and then they echoed for a day or two as I appraised their true meaning.

    Essentially he was saying that this is the condition a person experiences when God chooses to use us greatly for his service.  It was as if these three words are a special code that unlocks the ability that allows us to do the most good for others in Jesus' name.  "HSB" isn't a highly valued human condition in our culture.  In fact, self help gurus at times value the polar opposite.  God's way is many times upside down, counter culture and even counter intuitive.

    It reminded me of an experience I had worshipping with the homeless people of Gallup on Christmas Sunday 2016 at the Gallup Church of the Nazarene.  I had the awesome honor of serving communion to these precious folk.  I told a friend that it was the closest I felt to our Lord Jesus Christ in a long, long time.  We all stand on the same level ground in life.  Some are allowed more material gifts than others.  Some argue that people get what they deserve.  As I walked through the aisles offering a symbolic potion of Jesus' broken body and blood to his children, it didn't seem that way to me. I felt incredibly blessed and incredibly humble all at the same time.  I knew that 'walking this walk' was helping me identify with the true nature of our wonderful Lord.  His compassion and unconditional love was flowing into the lives of his people.  And in the end, all we really need is Him!

    May we all find what it truly means to serve others in Jesus' name.  I have come to believe it is a large part of the abundant life that he offers to us all!

    Blessings to All!

    Paul McGrady

    "If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered."

    Proverbs 21:13


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  • Summer of 2016

    Dear Friends,

    As I write this note, we are daily reminded that we live in a troubled world. There is strife, unrest, conflict, and violence all around us. Yet, we have HOPE in God! He ultimately has a good plan for us and we can rest in that fact. If we call upon Him, and humble ourselves and pray, he will forgive our sins and heal our land. May believers everywhere call out to the Lord and ask him for mercy and grace!

    During our most recent trip to Gallup, I was mowing weeds in the cracks of the sidewalk on our last day in town. There in front of me was an empty bottle of cheap vodka. It was a symbolic reminder of the real struggle Pastor Chris Davis faces as she compassionately ministers to the people around her church. That empty bottle represents the futility, emptiness, oppression, and hopelessness for so many living in that area. BUT, there is forgiveness, redemption, and new beginnings in Jesus Christ! Pastor Chris shares that message each day as she serves in His name. We went along with her, passing out sandwiches and drinks one day on the streets of Gallup. We prayed with some and tried to give an encouraging word and a smile as we, literally, touched almost 100 people! Each day, people came to Gallup First Church of the Nazarene because they know Pastor Chris is there to help them. We were blessed to have special appointments with people each day to speak God's love and encouragement into their lives!  In the past 13 months, we have been able to come alongside Pastor Chris and Gallup Church to encourage and support this important ministry in significant ways. All glory to God as he has opened many doors and worked through the generosity of people to make this happen! 

    "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."  John 16:33

    Paul McGrady, Director


  • Church Reaches Out with Food Pantry Ministry

    A few months ago, we felt impressed to help support churches who are reaching out to their community through food pantry ministry. After some months of prayer and pursuing this idea, we were able to come along side Pastor Herman Nells and Ramah Nazarene's existing food pantry ministry.

    "I want to thank you and your church for the donations that you have given to our church.  We appreciate you coming along side us in serving our community with our food pantry ministry.  It was wonderful to see the smiles upon the faces of the families that we delivered food to.  

    I wish you could have seen the encouragement that this grieving family expressed when our church delivered a box of food to them.  One of our homebound grandma's that has walked with the Lord for over 45 years had this smile knowing that we serve a great big God.   We laughed when a little boy took out a can of coffee out of the box and said "grandma, I can drink some of your coffee again".  Having visited these various homes and delivering food, my last visit was wonderful to remind the couple that God invites us to approach his throne of grace with confidence.  The husband who is not a believer allowed me to pray with him as his surgery date was getting closer.  The Lord uses our food pantry ministry to reach those who don't attend our fellowship and encourages our faithful people as well.  
    Thank you for your donations that has eternal values and the children supplies that will be distributed soon during our VBS."  
    Pastor Herman Nells
    Ramah Navajo Church of the Nazarene

  • It's Notes Like This


    "I cannot begin to tell you the great amount of encouragement that I received when I opened your letter and received your check. With all my heart, I declare and affirm that the amount on the check could have been for 1 million dollars, and  it could not have meant more or thrilled me more than did the $100.00 check you sent! It was pure joy and exhilaration as I opened and read your note. It was also yet another confirmation from God that I am in the center of HIS will! I want to occupy no other place than the center of HIS will. I want to do HIS will more than I want anything this world has to offer. 

    To date, never once have I felt that God would release me from this church. I love the people with all my heart,. Not only do I have a special love and compassion for the people of my church, but the people in the community are great as well.. However, sometimes I have thought that God just might have made HIS first mistake when GOD sent me to Uvalde. LOL. (Forgive the text lingo). I have to admit that not once in the time I have served God in Uvalde has God even slightly allowed me to believe that I can leave Uvalde with HIS blessing. God is moving in Uvalde, and in the Church of the Nazarene. I am blessed, and certainly glad I have stayed where God desires that I be.

    Again, I want to thank the entire Athletic Department and SNU. Your encouragement and kind words were very timely.

    Blessings and joy,
    Althea Williams"


    We received the above message from Pastor Williams of Uvalde Church of the Nazarene this weekend. It's notes like this that make our job worthwhile.

    Have a blessed week!


  • Stepping Into The New Year

    Hello Everyone!

    The year 2015 has greeted us all and time continues to march on!  This is a good season to look forward with anticipation for accomplishments and effectiveness in coming days. Our foundation is officially eight months old now.  We have been involved in more concentrated mission work since 2007 but officially were granted nonprofit status in May of 2014.

    Our main goal sounds simple but I believe it is very important.  We want to move forward with prayerful compassionate ministry as led by the whisper and direction of the Holy Spirit. I know that sounds pretty spiritual and somewhat mystical but I do believe it is a practical and worthy goal.  Our desire is point others to the person of Jesus Christ through word and deed as we work toward our mission objectives through encouragement and providing hope.

     I have read recently in my devotions about the seven spirits of God.  This phrase is found in John's vision in chapter five of the Revelation.  It refers to a statement in the Old Testament book of Isaiah concerning the coming Messiah.

     "The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon him - the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and power, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord....."

     The Seven Spirits of God
    1. Spirit of the Lord
    2. Spirit of Wisdom
    3. Spirit of Understanding
    4. Spirit of Counsel
    5. Spirit of Power
    6. Spirit of Knowledge
    7. Fear of the Lord

     I am asking for increasing amounts of these aspects of God's Spirit in my life.  I know that these attributes can help me be the man I need to be under God.  Although I fall short of these great attributes, I continue to ask God for them in increasing measure.

     We continue to help and encourage ministries all across our country and even globally.  We want to continue to be generous and giving and trust that the Lord will provide seed to increase.

     In recent days, we have gifted a fine young Christian man and his family who are being a light for Christ on the reservation.  We have provided funds for a pastor in a small church on the Texas border where God is keeping the doors open for an important ministry.  We are encouraging a mission work in Wyoming for some faithful folks who have given twenty years in ministry.  We leave for Arizona soon to work on a potential outreach to spread the gospel through food distribution.

    Please keep the McGrady Foundation in your prayers.  If we can ever be of help to you or if you have input for us please don't hesitate to contact me

    May God's Spirit fill us with wisdom and strength in all of our endeavors in 2015!

    Paul McGrady
    MF Director

  • A Welcome from MF Director, Paul McGrady

    Hello to all:

    The metaphor of life as likened to a 'journey' is certainly true. But I find it at times to be likened to a 'jigsaw puzzle'. We know what we want to accomplish. It is getting all the pieces to fit together at the right place and the right time. Maybe it is not an accident that you are on the McGrady Foundation website. Maybe you can help us get the pieces to fit together.

    God made all things beautiful but there are other forces at work in the world. There is poverty, neglect, hunger, addiction, despair and abuse. We simply desire to lift, to encourage and to help. In 2007, I began to become more intentional about mission and purpose. I found myself in different places doing different types of compassionate ministry.

    This summer our family took on a project together. We provided firewood to homes and churches within the Navajo Nation in northeast Arizona. Many still heat their buildings solely with firewood out there. And wood in not always abundant. There is literally small mountains of cut wood for 10% of the regular price of a cord of firewood. The problem is it is 285 miles away in southwest Colorado. We rented a UHaul truck, stacked and stacked and stacked firewood, then delivered to our friends in hope of blessing our brothers and sisters.

    That is just one small example. Communication surely can and will solve many problems. Maybe you know someone.  Maybe you could say a prayer for us. Maybe we could join together and make a difference. Maybe you can help us with the puzzle.


    Motivated to do more for God,

    Paul McGrady
    MF Director